Brady Label Maker

When it comes to creating your own labels, the Brady Label Maker is the premier choice. If you need to label things around the home, a Brady label maker would more than suffice.

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, these labels are even more excellent. From general ID labels, to serial number identifiers, all the way to work-in-process labels and wire markers; the choice is yours.

Top Brady label maker models

If you’re at a standstill for which Brady label maker to go with, fear not. Here are a few of the top products from the Brady line.

1. Brady Handimark portable label maker

The Handimark not only offers portability but durability. It is designed with an industrial environment in mind so it’s built tough. The Brady Handimark label maker has a 7-year repair coverage, LCD screen and rechargeable battery.

2. BMP53 Label Maker

This Brady label maker has a print head of 300 dpi and a built-in label cutter. You can plug this label maker into your PC by USB port and even customize and upgrade your label software and style.

3. Brady GlobalMark® Label Maker

The GlobalMark is true gem. You can drag-and-drop items on its LCD screen, it has a 1-year warranty, 11 ribbon colors, and it is built for rugged use. You will love the template and graphic utility where it stores data for later use.

4. BMP51 Label Maker

This label maker has built-in applications to make label making even faster and easier. Your cartridges have a “no jam” system in place to reduce your unit’s down time. This label machine can print at 1″ per second and, like the BMP53, it uses a 300 dpi print head.

5. Wraptor™ Brady Wire Label Maker

Do you work with wires and cables at your job? Does it become an unidentifiable tangled mess? Whether you’re an IT professional, home audio and visual enthusiast, or if you sell cabling, then the Wraptor is for you. This Brady label maker facilitates the identification of wires and cables in an easy-to-use setting. It is a single color printer and connects to your PC for software customizations and settings.

Features and advantages

There are many label makers on the market today. Each one offers its own unique configuration. Below are the leading advantages to using a Brady label maker:

  • DoD UID compliance is a major benefit to government contractors. There are contract regulations which mandate that government-owned assets are labeled a certain way. Brady label makers help you with compliance.
  • RoHs directive compliance. This is a commercial directive which Brady caters to.
  • Fast speed at which labels print. Print your labels quickly saving you time and money.
  • Portable units with touch screen. Print your labels as you move about your facility. Enjoy the interface and options of having a large LCD screen in your hand.

Before purchasing a specific model, make sure you know what your needs are or the needs of your company. This will help you select the appropriate label maker for your usage.